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Katherine-coleman photography

1992, Montserrat College Of Art, B.F.A., Beverly, MA

I grew up on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts surrounded by the ocean and nature. My paternal grandparents were both professional musicians and artists and I believe that gene was passed on to me. At eight years old, my mother placed me in an oil painting class with a professional local artist, Elaine Geist. I continued under her guidance for the next 5 years. Elaine brought me to paint on location, to galleries and to meet other artists. This was a wonderful influence on my life. I never saw myself as anything other than an artist and it was during this time that I became aware of what that meant.

I have always been intrigued with the vibrancy and beauty of color and the luminosity of natural light. Light can magically change a scene or subject in an instant. I enjoy the challenge of capturing that moment with each brush stroke and attempting to portray how I see the world. The combination of vigorous brushstrokes and quiet blending in my paintings, create an unexpected movement and radiance. Movement and the play of light and shadow is an important part of my process. Every painting that I create is a moment in time and the feeling and emotion that I experience during this process. Each canvas is another opportunity to convey my energy, passion, mood and emotions. I convey what I experience in nature and what inspires me in my day to day life.

Being an artist, having an eye for color and majoring in design strengthened my understanding of the balance between art and its surroundings. I was commissioned by various companies to paint murals in and around Boston and the North East. I worked closely with architects and contractors to come up with ideas and color palettes for the spaces to better incorporate my artwork. Creating an atmosphere and designing a space of beauty and perfection led me to work as a design consultant. I enjoy seeing my paintings displayed in my client’s homes and businesses. I love when my paintings are harmonious in their surroundings and complete the story of that room. I enjoy creating an atmosphere of beauty and perfection that work for each individual’s taste and lifestyle. 

" Elissa resides in Westchester, NY with her three sons Torin, Madoc and Braedon and her dog Daisy.,